SATRA’s main objective is the provision of essential therapy to those in the community who cannot afford it. SATRA is non-profit organisation (NPO nr. 061-431) & Trust nr. ET 2678/1999.

We try to make a difference in the lives of people of all ages with special needs. The existing facilities need urgent attention and assistance from donors in the community.

Here is a list of some of the things that we need:

  1. A toilet for disabled people.
  2. Shelves in Engela’s office.
  3. The side offices need upgrading.
  4. The cuddle room for autistic children also needs to be upgraded.
  5. The entrance road needs to be improved.
  6. The accommodation facility must be upgraded.
  7. The temporary stables must be upgraded.
  8. The existing accommodation for the black personnel must be turned into a workshop where patients can do woodwork as well as general maintenance.
  9. Undercover and lock-up parking is required.
  10. The existing equi-therapy area must be renovated with poles and must be upgraded.
  11. The rock koppie must be fenced and small cages for birds and other small animals that will be used for therapy must be built.
  12. Wheelchairs.
  13. Generator.
  14. Animal-assisted cages must be built.
  15. The poultry coop must be moved, enlarged, and a pond must be built so that the geese, peacocks, chickens, and other poultry can be accommodated.

The Trust would like to give recognition to donors with advertisement boards and coverage in the media when reporting on the Trust is done.