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Dr. Young qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1976 and started her private practice with a full multi-disciplinary team with the following disciplines under one roof. She always felt there was a missing link, withholding her from optimum success with her patients and therefore believed a full multi-disciplinary approach to be vital.

Four Circles
• 6 Occupational Therapists.
• 1 Speech Therapist.
• 1 Physiotherapist.
• 1 Biokinetesist.
• 2 Psychologists.
• 1 Medical Practitioner.
• 1 Remedial Teacher.
• 1 Art Therapist.
• 1 Water Therapist.
• 1 Holistic Therapist.
• 1 Traumatologist.
• 5 Equi-therapists.

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JLSC moved to Donkerhoek where there was space to enlarge the practice and add additional services. Presently, most of the above services are contracted out until the rezoning of the property by the Kungwini Municipality has taken place.
She has expanded her expertise and is not doing traditional Occupational Therapy any more but is now able to address problems with patients in an integrated and holistic manner.
The philosophy behind the “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” story inspired her to start the Centre where the goal is about perfection and that there are no limitations to a patient’s ability, regardless of diagnosis and age.

The Jonathan Livingston Seagull Centre uses a holistic approach to treat all people including those that have problems such as:

Slice of Life

• Neurological (cerebral palsied and head-injuries).
• Physical (where somebody lost a limb or experience physical problems).
• Learning disabilities (dyslexia, developmental delays, concentration problems).
• Psychiatric problems (alcoholism, bulimia, anorexia, depression).
• Syndromes (Asperger’s, Hurler, Down’s).
• Autism.
• Mental Retardation.
• Emotional Problems.
• Hyper-activity.
• Hypo-activity.
• Alzheimer’s Disease.

The same approach will be adopted in the treatment of quadriplegics, tetraplegics, and other traumatised individuals.
Similarly, ‘healthy’ individuals will be treated. Starting with prenatal stimulation for unborn babies and continuing with postnatal stimulation of the babies in the baby centre to adults with depression and people in normal life. Even those at the corporate level who underachieve, can be assisted to achieve their true potential.
The therapy facility consists of an office, therapy room, large therapy hall, stables, tack room, apparatus room, a school, and a house that serves as the accommodation facility.