Brilliant Brainworx Academy

IntroductionIn the new millennium, it has become increasingly evident that the past has become less of a guide to the ever-changing future. The challenges that need to be met by parents, educators, businesses, and governments are more difficult than in the past.

Surviving in this changing global village demands the ability to learn faster, as well as the ability to analyze situations accurately and solve problems creatively. The continually decreasing educational standards combined with poor analytical and decision-making skills characterize the situation in the new South Africa.

As a society, we urgently need a huge increase in the number of highly educated and skilled people as this affects every citizen in our country. In the search for an alternative to the existing inadequate learning strategies in South Africa, the founder, Dr. Engela Young, set out to prove that you cannot do tomorrow’s work with yesterday’s tools. She changed the focus from “what” children should learn and think to “how” they should learn and think.

Dr. Engela Young (Founder)

Dr. Engela Young

A special program was developed with accelerated learning techniques and an integrated whole-brain model with a sensory integration program was incorporated into the normal curriculum. A full multi-disciplinary approach was followed to ensure an individualized education for each learner. This unique program achieved exciting, successful, and remarkable results that will drastically change the approach to education in South Africa.


The mission of Brilliant Brainworx Academy is to constructively evaluate learning material to enable learners to learn with confidence and strengthen their inherent aptitude to apply their knowledge and skills successfully; to expose the children to the full spectrum of enhancing experiences, enabling them to make healthy, responsible and balanced lifestyle choices, and to become creative analytical leaders with mutual respect for all role players.

• The approach to teaching and learning will foster an attitude of the constructive evaluation of learning as material relevant and appropriate.
• It will instil powerful strategies and methods into learners using these tools to learn with confidence and apply their knowledge and skills successfully.
• Exposing learners to the full spectrum of constructive experiences to develop good decision making skills and a healthy lifestyle.
• Enabling learners to take responsibility for their own choices using creative and analytical thinking skills.
• Demonstrating the power of working together to achieve a common goal and show mutual respect for all role players.


The objectives of this school are the following:

• Creating a learning environment that will form the basis for developing a whole person through a holistic and well-rounded education.
• The inherent strength of each child will be developed through support and guidance to enable them to create a successful career path for themselves.
• Core values will be instilled in each learner so that he or she will be of benefit to the environment, community, and country in which they stay.
• Learners will be empowered with self knowledge to support them to think creatively, analytically and responsibly.
• Parents, teachers and learners will be harnessed to strive towards a common goal in preparing the learners for astable and productive adulthood.
• Unleashing the creative spirit of each child to reach his/her highest potential.
• Facilitating the process of education as an integrated fun filled learning experience.
• Developing balanced and creative entrepreneurs by teaching life and thinking skills intertwined with core values.
• Learning is a function of the brain and academic performance is directly linked to the level of sensory integration, learners will be exposed to sensory integration therapy in order to achieve maximum academic success.
• Special attention will be given to creativity, self-motivation and building of self-esteem.
• Enabling learners to manage their own health from a young age.